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Tuesday, July 16, 2013


It's July, 2014, and I haven't visited my blog in many's that time thing. I have to learn how to make an appointment each week, as I do like to share. 

I just returned from the TPT conference in Las Vegas and learned it is OKAY to share others' ideas/products on my blog.  I am thrilled as I find some fun stuff out there!


  1. Hi Annie,
    Found you in the forums - great start! I like the owls.

    This Little Piggy Reads

  2. Your blog is beautiful. I also teach 1st grade, but in much cooler, WI. I also started a blog this summer. There is a lot to learn. Luckily my sister (Squirrel) is an expert so I don't have to go too high onto the learning curve.

    I love your son's advice about using the videos. My son taught himself to 'snap' his fingers via YouTube! :)

  3. Sweet. Thank you, Kat. Off to visit katandsquirrel....there must be a story behind that name?