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Saturday, July 19, 2014

I'm actually practicing....getting reacquainted with how to post!  So here I go again...3 posts in one day!

This photo shows my very precious red brick wall made from two refrigerator boxes.  I asked a parent 10 years ( yes, ten years) ago to make this for me when I taught K for one year. My original purpose was to use it as a backdrop for our programs..

When I got into First, I found other uses:   at Christmas time when we do our gingerbread houses, I set it up in my room to add that warm holiday feel, and then keep it up for our Polar Express party.    It's been known to come out for other events for my class or others. It has been well used. I'm surprised every year that it still stands!!
I have to say, we have a wonderful night custodian who graciously stores it in a safe place for me, and retrieves it when I  need it.

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