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Friday, September 26, 2014

Applesauce Mmmmmm

Applesauce making day!
I always look forward to this day in September.  Of course we read about Johnny Appleseed, and do some fun apple activities, but the best part is making applesauce on Friday.

We start with students bringing apples - both Granny Smith and some sweet red ones.

Then I share the recipe, and we talk about the ingredients. We even get to smell the cinnamon and nutmeg!

With the help of parent volunteers, each child gets their turn on the 'apple-peeler-slicer-corer', which is a thrill for them (and me!) because have never seen such a 'cool tool'.  

After the apples are cut up, the children take turns adding ingredients with measuring cups and spoons.  

Last it goes in the crock pot, and gives a delightful apple cinnamon fragrance to our room the entire day.

We top off the day with applesauce tasting --- store bought plain, store bought cinnamon, and yummy, warm homemade!

The survey says:  Homemade wins!  About 2/3 said it was the best!

For a writing activity, we write a 'How to Make Applesauce' paper, sequencing the steps we followed earlier in the day.  Students take the recipe home, too.

I had two students come back the very next day and say , "We made applesauce at home!"

Love it!

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