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Friday, December 5, 2014

As a culminating activity to our ROCK and SOIL Unit, we make colored sand jars.
These also double as a holiday gift to the family.

For the first couple years I used food coloring to dye the sand, but it was never vibrant enough, no matter how much I used. That can get costly, too!

Before starting the project this year, I did a search on coloring sand. One option was food coloring, but another was tempra paint.  I decided to give the tempra a try and did a couple experimental batches.

What I learned:

          • Liquid tempra works!
          • Do not add water to the paint.
          • The colors are vibrant just like I wanted!
          • It's simple and easy!
          • It doesn't take much prep time!

1. Start with dry play sand.
(50# bag under $6 at Lowe's. I used less than half the bag.)

2.   A squirt of liquid tempra. (The yellow took 3 squirts, the other colors just one.)

3. Mix it until blended and it's ready to go.

4. We used 5 colors, plus one tub of natural.

5.  The jars!
The kids bring in $1 to cover jar cost.

6.  The jars are filled in layered colors of their choice. 
 We did this outside under a covered area right by my room...which is conveniently nice!

7.  Jars are filled to the top. 
 A little settling happens, so we needed to tap, then add more sand.

Aren't they beautiful?
I was so excited to have the vibrant colors like I imagined!

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