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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Mayflower Challenge

This a was a spontaneous idea that came about as we were talking about the Mayflower this fall season.    I was going to have the children all make a simple Mayflower out a 3 section piece of an egg crate ( I saw it last year on Pinterest). Well, I didn't get it together soon enough to collect egg cartons, so I (suddenly) said..... "I am going to give you the Mayflower Challenge."    "This will be a home project and you have just a few rules."

Rule # 1:   You cannot buy anything to make it.

Rule # 2:   You must use as many recyclable materials as possible.

Rule # 3:   You must do most of the work (parent help only as needed -- i.e. glue gun).

Rule # 4:   Have fun!

It was Thursday....and they were due the following Monday/Tuesday.

I had no idea what to expect because I didn't give them much time, but when Monday came, the children truly WOWED me with their projects. 

We will be doing this again next year!

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