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Friday, April 17, 2015

Five on Friday

April 17, 2015
1. The best part of the week!  This precious little girl is officially 'granddaughter' -- making her family complete with 5 other children -- 3 of whom are also foster/adopted by my daughter and son-in-law.

  2. So proud of this beautiful family!

3.    Lots of review for TESTing, which starts next week!!   Thankful NOT to be in grades 3-6 and have to do the online tests. (Though I think the kids are fine, it's just us teachers who stress out!)
4.  My little dove friends found their wings and left the nest -- just ten days after hatching. It was fun watching them grow each day.  All things in life should be so simple.....

5.  One Flat Stanley did not make back from his adventures in Japan.  (The story is he decided to stay and learn more about Japanese culture. ) We saw a great video on his adventures to NCIS and other exciting places.  Then Flat Hiroshi came in the return mail instead as a 'Foreign Exchange Student'.  He will stay with us awhile and learn to read, write, and sing!

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