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Saturday, April 11, 2015

I think I love teaching about the desert more than I like living here!
This is one of my favorite books, as it teaches so much about how the desert animals and plants help each other.  Of course, we are surrounded by Saguaros, so those 'cactus hotels' are everywhere, and easy to experience.

This book is a must!  We laugh, we giggle, we have fun with the rhyme, but oh, we take it seriously.
Do not call me PIG!!  (I'm a Collared Peccary - aka Javelina!)
Can you guess my favorite desert food?
Hootie is our class 'pet'. He goes home with each child for a couple days or weekend sleepover.  Sometimes he comes back with new attire!  Doesn't he look handsome?

We finished our 2nd plastic lid art piece -- Rainbow Fish.  
Can you see the silver scale?
Funny story -- The gray lid was placed on the fish for about a week waiting to 'glitter it' .   Each day the gray lid would be gone.  One (or maybe several ) of my students would see it there with all the colors and decide it didn't belong.  This went on for about a week. Mystery: I never saw anyone remove it, but at the end of each day it was back in the gray/black tub!
I finally explained to the whole class why it was there.....finally
got it glittered and all the lids glued on.
(*no one ever fessed up!)

These two little friends (morning doves) are nestled in my citrus tree. I found them Easter weekend. Mama Bird sits on them, then flies off so I can take a picture. (She's so cooperative!)  They are growing. The bottom photo is a week later.  I call them Jack and Jill.

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