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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Redesigning My Blog

I'm thankful to have hired a sweet young lady (patient and kind, too) , I only know by Alexis.
She is working with me to bring about a new look that will be consistent with my business card, Facebook page, and other related sites/materials.

I uploaded a new (very basic) temporary header -- Under Construction -- but obviously don't know the magic to sizing it just right, as it continues to be cut off no matter how many times I've resized it in Photoshop.....oh, well...soon, soon, soon!!

It was recommended to me to purchase a domain....and so, today, I did!

I am the proud owner of 


A very productive day, as I worked nonstop on other things - related, and also my TPT writing business. 

Summer break......ahhhhhh

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