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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Making a Difference

                                  I couldn't be more proud of my former student (in K and 1st), Sophia (now a Senior) and her brother Erick.   Last  year they started this project to provide school supplies to children in Mexico. Their original goal was 50 children; they provided for over 100!

They are motivated to do more this year.  I was so honored that Sophia contacted me to ask for advice about some of their ideas. After a delightful conversation we set on the plan to ask her home elementary school to join in this great cause.   

My class will be joining in, and several teachers on staff were interested to be a part of this giving back project.

It blesses my heart more than words can say to see two young people striving to make a difference. 

I love their dedication, passions, visions, love for others, and their hearts.  

I knew this little girl, back in Kindergarten, was special....and oh, how she is, as is her brother and their parents.   

                                 KIDS BREAKING BORDERS FOR EDUCATION

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