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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Hat Shop

Several years ago I set up a different approach to our Hat Shop project on Hat Day.

The patterns  (variety of style choice) for hats are cut out of construction paper 
and accessories are added -- buttons, feathers, pom poms, etc.

Originally, I'd have all the items and let the kids choose what they wanted.
What I found was a haphazard approach to decorating their hat.
Anything, everything, anywhere -- no rhyme or reason --
just put stuff on!

So, it's been several years now, and I absolutely love my new way of doing it.

It connects to real life!

Instead of a free-for-all, items have a price.

I give each of my First Graders 15 pennies.

We talk about the items and the cost,

and then I model how to plan out my spending.

The results are so different!

Purpose, intent, and planning are evident.

I also like to step back and watch them shop.

We've had exchanges, returns, and even requests for a 'sale' or discount!

The menu and items: 

The Planning:

The Spending:

Design with intention

I loved watched the careful placement of items.  Great symmetry on this one!

Every choice had a specific purpose and placement. 

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