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Monday, September 14, 2015

Self Portraits

Self Portraits are so very fun. 

First, we talk about us as individuals, and all our unique attributes.

Then, I draw on the white board, and discuss 'where' eyes, ears, etc. are placed.

I show them how their ears line up with the eyes, and the eyes are not really in the middle of the face, but the upper third.

We talk about other details -- eyelashes, eyebrows, and hair.

After that I have them practice on their white boards ( a real treat!).

I was amazed how well they did.

The final step is to draw on manila paper with pencil, then trace with a brown crayon, and 
color with flesh tones, and other colors needed to make it uniquely theirs.

A parent cuts out the portraits and mats them on white with a black frame (7 and 8 inches). 

This step is so effective in making their images pop, and really seeing the portrait of each child.

We then add their names and display them in the room all year.

Finally, they will go it their keepsake book in May. 

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