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Monday, October 12, 2015

Christopher Columbus - History Lessons

We started our history lessons about Christopher Columbus charting what we know....wasn't much (which is always exciting for the teacher, as you know there will be new learning happening!)

So we read books, learned poems, songs, chants, jingles, and had discussions.

While we're at it, we learned the Oceans and Continents songs
 from Dr. Jean cds (that I've used for years!). 

It's fun when you put up a poem and ask the kids, "What could we do to make our poem look a little more interesting?"  They took it from there! 

We used a map and our very simple Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria ships to learn more about the journey route.   Hurricane, Joaquin, was approaching the Bahamas just at this time, too, 
so we had a double lesson on that one!

Part of our enthusiastic crew.

Some of our activities.

Our study ended with focused note-taking, a pre-writing, and then final writing. 
The kids did a fabulous job!

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