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Hi! My name is Annie and I teach first grade.

Since 2nd grade my heart has been drawn toward being a teacher. Playing school was a favorite activity, and I of course, was the teacher. My younger brothers, sister, and their friends were often my 'students'.  I always remember it being fun (at least for me!).

It took me awhile to arrive in the classroom. I tried commercial art because graphic design is my other love. The stress and competition was a bit scary, so I let that go, knowing I could always use it in other ways.

I've been in the classroom now over 25 years and I still think it's fun, and love what I do.  There are always challenges as things change and stress sometimes creeps in, but the children are my source of joy and inspiration each day.

I love primary best!  It's incredible to be part of the beginning, as my biggest goal is for my students to LOVE learning.

Writing and photography are my other passions.  I've been doing both for a long time.  In 2012 my teammate told me about an online market place for teacher authors : teacherspayteachers, and gave me the push and encouragement to get started.  It's been a great ride so far and I love the opportunity to share with other educators.  I named my store The Red Brick Road Teacher (there's a story there, too.)

My family is grown. I have two children. My son lives in Washington State -- where it is green most of the time.  My daughter and her husband live here with their 6 children -- who are a great source of joy in my life, too.

Most importantly, is my faith and love for the Lord.  He is my 'All in All'-- my strength, my refuge, my source of everything.  I look to Him in all that I do.  I've chosen Colossians 3:23 as my verse to stand by as I continue on this road of life and all that it unveils to me.  I pray that I will be honoring to Him in all I do.

* I love daisies.

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