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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Class Pet to Take Home

For many years I've wanted to have a class pet --- not a living one, but a soft, furry, friendly one.

Finally, this past year (2014-15) I got my act together and we welcomed Hootie to our room.

Hootie went on 30 sleepovers and had many wonderful experiences with each of the kids. He  went shopping, played video games, went on picnics, attended parties....and oh, so much more.

The children took Hootie and a journal home with them. They wrote about their time together, and took photos. When  he came back after a couple days, we had a sharing time.

There was much excitement about who would take him home next!

Occasionally, he'd come back with a friend, or unexpected outfit -- like a tux, or as a superhero.

On more than one occasion, he got a much needed bath!

Stay tuned for this next year's pet choice!   

What animal do you think it will be?  

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