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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Illustrator and the ROADBLOCK

Sometimes ROADBLOCKS happen.  Rarely at a time when you would welcome one.

Yesterday I started working on a project in my TPT store for the Seller Makeover Challenge

Everything was going fantastic.  It was turning out to be a BIG project, as this was my first product in the fall of 2012.  The content was good, but the graphic design work was something I was never truly happy with...someday, I'd get to it (I'd tell myself again and again.)
Four hours later, and I've made really good progress. I could finish the next day!

This morning I eagerly anticipated getting started where I left off.

And that's when the ROADBLOCK(S) hit!

Illustrator (my program of choice for a dozen years) wouldn't open the file I saved yesterday.  I spent many hours trying to find out just what went wrong. I had a feeling the file was too big, As I've discovered in the past, Illustrator doesn't like to open big files (anything more than 20mb!)

I prayed a lot.

Maybe, I thought, God, this is another one of those Faith Walks. 
(We've been on a few of those.)

And so I prayed more, and decided to trust Him.

A couple hours later, and I'm fighting back some tears.  
This is not the way today was supposed to go. 
I finally tried to open it one more time. 
No luck.

I left. Took my car in for new tires and an oil change.

When I came back two hours later, my file was open.
My heart skipped a few beats. I was thrilled.

I started working again and went to save some pages for the Web.
Suddenly, no response.
Okay, so I got this far.
I kept going.
Not to give up.
It's just a ROADBLOCK!

I closed everything down and went to the Control Panel.
I just stared at it.
Must be 'you', I said!
But what?


I was going to click on RESTORE, but then chickened out.
I need to talk to someone like my son or son-in-law first.

I went back to Illustrator and worked on another aspect of the project.
I gave the Save to Web one more try.
Hmmm, it worked. Just like always.


God listens. He is faithful. 
And yes, I do believe it has been a Faith Walk.
I'm sure there will be more.

A couple hours have gone by, and I am finally where I was yesterday.
I worked on reducing my page sizes, as the new graphics I was using were way too big.

Problem solved.

And so, I sing praise and carry on. 

After all, ROADBLOCKS are only temporary.

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