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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Words Are Powerful

BE the most BRILLIANT COLOR in the BOX
What color would you be? 

Words are powerful.
So, as a teacher I want my words to be positive, uplifting, and encouraging. 
I found this list of 300 words to describe your children directed to parents, but certainly for teachers, too.  (We spend a lot of hours with them!)

I often look at the word art in places like Hobby Lobby.
I saw this canvas a couple weeks ago. It caught my attention immediately. I found myself captivated by it, and stood there reading it over and over.

I immediately thought of a young lady who just graduated from ASU with her teaching degree, and already landed her first job (I wasn't surprised.). 
As a former student from our elementary school, I have had the privilege of seeing her become the amazing young woman she is today. 
I didn't have her as a student, but she'd stop by occasionally, and we'd always visit. 
When she was in her education studies, she had a couple opportunities to spend the day in my classroom.  One time  during her internship she taught a lesson, and the most  recent one was this past May. She spent the entire day!
She's a natural.  
Her interaction with my first graders was without a flinch. You'd think she'd been part of our class all year. The children responded to her, interacted with her, and invited her to be a part of whatever they were doing. She took initiative and spoke with confidence.
I stepped back and just watched, marveling at her skills.
It was sweet. 
So, when I saw this art piece, I knew it first, had to be hers -- for her new classroom in the fall.
(I' m so excited for her!)
I can honestly hear her saying these positive, uplifting, encouraging words to
 EVERY ONE of her students.
It's who she is. 

Later that week I went back and got two more. One for my classroom, and another for 
my precious grandchildren (like this sweet one holding it. )

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