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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Make it For Math Noodle and a Hoop

Okay here it is!

This was so fun!   
I stumbled across the idea on Reagan Tunstall  blog, 
and couldn't wait to get to the dollar store and make it.

One noodle. One hula hoop.
I think I might call it a 
Noodle Hoop
Hoodle ?

First, I cut the noodle in two inch segments. This gave me plenty of pieces.
I used a sharp knife and it cut like butter!
Next I cut a slice in each segment.
Then 'clipped' them on the hoop! 
Maybe 10 minutes to make !
Sums of ten, number bonding, Smart Ten 
Sums to twenty, groups of 5 and 10 
Ten and ____ more - counting on from 10
I see 13 !

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