Monday, July 13, 2015

Viva Las Vegas! TPT Conference 2015

There is no doubt in my mind that I am fortunate and blessed to be a part of this fantastic company.  Teacherspayteachers has given me the opportunity to fulfill a lifetime dream of going further with my love to write, create, and share.  

July 8-10th I was in Las Vegas for my 2nd TPT Conference -
'Come Together, Go Further'
A perfect fit for my personal goals.
After a couple days stop in northern Arizona,  I arrived in Las Vegas. It took me all three days to truly navigate my surroundings and learn the route from my cousin's house to the Venetian. 
Forever thankful for GPS!

We have outstanding leadership--Paul (pictured with me) is our TPT founder, Adam our CEO, and Amy (pictured with me) is our newly promoted 'Director of Seller Happiness' -- where can you find a company with someone with a position like that? She is perfect for this position as she exudes JOY and carries it with her everywhere she goes.  Rachelle Lynette is one of our dynamic TPT authors.

TPT has a strong philosophy to hire good people who have a passion for teachers and education. 
We couldn't ask for a better team to support what we do!

Note: Amy and I had a wonderful opportunity to bond over a spilled glass of wine. :-)
 Not telling who spilled!

The energy and enthusiasm of our session presenters was over the top! It's obvious in this group photo. Each session I attended was an outstanding presentation. I learned so much about design, marketing, Pinterest, collaboration, and new skills in Photoshop that I can't wait to try out.   

I also came to the stunning conclusion, that my Pinterest account has
'Chronic Deficiency Syndrome'.
I will be putting some energy in that direction!

Recently, I was welcomed to be a part of the AZ Teacher Bloggers group.  I have had so much fun getting to know these lovely ladies, and look forward to good times ahead. 

I loved reconnecting with my friend from last year, Sarah Warner, and  networking with 1st - 2nd grade teachers, like Corinna - Surfinthroughsecond, on Thursday morning. I wish I had photos of all the wonderful teachers I talked to. We had great conversations, and I hope we can keep our connections going. I also sought out the dynamic foursome who put the Seller Challenge together.  Emily (my swap partner), AshleyAmber, and Jen -- thank you for the super charged motivation -- and also some new focus to places I needed to go, but hadn't found my way  there yet (like product makeovers!).

I had a delightful time meeting 'Freckles Sinclair'  --yes, he's on his knees proposing (blushing me), I had to tell him he's a little young for me, and I'm already spoken for. Later I was able to meet up with Aaron, Reagan, Taylor, and Holly from GoNoodle. They fixed me up with a t-shirt, and a packet of literature to share with my staff. Can't wait to get my kids movin' !

So, where am I now?   Awake, for one!!
You will find me in a constant state of streaming thoughts of follow-up and ideas -- feeling encouraged, super-charged, and refreshed,  I am excited about the future!

Time for bed.
I will be driving home to Arizona tomorrow (Monday).

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  1. I hope you made it home safely! I enjoyed meeting new people at the conference, and I loved all of the inspiring words of wisdom that were floating around. It sounds like you had an awesome time, too!

    Right Down the Middle with Andrea

    1. Thank you, Andrea. Five hour drive --> 7 hours (because I took my time...stopped, took pictures for tourists. Neverow I'm in a daze trying to sort through everything I came home with! :-)

  2. Sweet Annie, I so enjoyed spending time with you at the conference!
    I can't wait for our next get-together the rest of our AZ bloggy peeps!
    xo Pam
    Hedgehog Reader

    1. I enjoyed spending time with you too, Pam. Would love MORE next time!!! :-)

  3. My mind has been buzzing too since the conference. I think I have about 300 things on my to do list now! GAH! Thanks for sharing your experiences with us!

    The Whimsical Teacher

    1. Yes on the mind buzz. The follow through plan was clear a couple days ago, but now that I'm home...buzzzing. Daze. Tired. Will a day of two!! So glad you stopped by!

  4. It's so easy for our minds to stay on and not turn off! I am still overwhelmed.

  5. I'm with you, Lynn. I find myself going from one thing to another. I've applied some new things I learned, and that is good! I need to get back to my on task-focused plan that I was doing before the conference....and relax...and let things evolve as they come. Can't do it, I'd like to! Have a blessed day.

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