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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Classroom Reveal!

I spent a couple weeks working (at my pace!) on my classroom, and now it is ready to meet
 my first graders on Monday.  

The greeting will begin with this very cute door created by a couple wonderful moms
 who offered to help me get ready.
They spent a few hours, and meticulously made sure everything went into place just right. 
I'm so delighted!  The kids will love it!  I do, too!!

The green, orange, and purple are a preview to the colors I used throughout the room. I spent more time this year running around to Dollar Tree stores gathering baskets so my organization would be more complete....and color coordinated.   So glad these were three of their featured colors!

It's a cheerful combination!

So, welcome to Room 13!

Last year we were thrilled that our principal gifted us with room rugs. 
It takes up a bit of space, 
but so worth it.

The green in my room (besides being my favorite color) started with the bins on top of my cabinets. 
I bought those 4 years ago and what a difference it made. It was a huge beginning to better organization. Looks so much better, too!

Math baskets for easy access.  Love that I could find a variety to meet all my needs, 
and everything fit just right!

A little bit of black contact paper, bulletin board border,  and some jazzy polka dot wrapping paper and my desk took on a very fun transformation.

Meet the Teacher Day is Monday. Kiddos start on Wednesday, and we're off to another great year of learning with creativity and fun. 

Thanks for stopping by my room!

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