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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Math Bowl

Engage your students with math practice by making it a game -- and instead of buying it, use what you already have!

I love repurposing items to make something new, and that is exactly what
inspired this activity and my product that is ready made for you!

For several years I used small, plastic juice bottles, but recently, I discovered that Pediasure bottles are perfect for this activity. I am so excited!
Wrap two bands of red electrical tape around the top of the all white bottle, and you
have perfect bowling pins!  If you don't have a resource for Pediasure bottles, small juice bottles work great, too!

My product, Math Bowl includes: record sheets for the game, graph sheets and word problems for follow up activities.  The focus is subtraction problems 8, 9, 10, 11,12, and a blank so you can choose your own number. For early learning you could easily start with 5 'bowling pins'. 

Getting ready is easy to do!

Make an aisle in your classroom. Students line up on both sides with a pencil and recording booklet. 'Bowling pins' are set up at one end in a traditional triangle shape or be creative.  

Each student gets a turn to knock down the pins. (You decide the number of pins).  I suggest picking one number and staying with that number the entire game. There's always another time for a new number!

After pins are knocked down the equation is recorded by all students on their record sheet, AND the reverse ( i.e.   10 - 3 = 7  and 10 - 3 = 7).    

I don't know about you, but I have 30 first graders and by the time we are done, they have recorded 60 problems (and don't even realize it!). It's a great way to reinforce learning a particular set of facts...and with FUN!!  (Warning: there will be excitement and cheering! -So worth it!)

My students love this activity! I think yours will, too.  If you're ready, click on this MATH BOWL link and check it out at my TeachersPayTeachers store

I'd love your feedback, too. 

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