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Friday, September 18, 2015


Corduroy, by Don Freeman, was published in 1968.   Year after year it is a beloved book to read.

I read an article about the story behind Corduroy, which was very enjoyable and inspiring, 
as I love to write.

Corduroy is perfect for the beginning of the school year, as it opens discussion
 about friendship and caring. 

We read the story together, and the kids read it again and again. 
I have several copies, so it's a great buddy read, too.

The second day we read A Pocket for Corduroy.  I love the delight on my students' faces as I read, this 30+ year old story.  There are ahhhs, smiles, and sweetness on their faces as they understand how it feels to care about someone else.  

Later that day, we cut out bear pieces, overalls, and a pocket.  
Cute Corduroys are ready to take home!

I found it interesting to read about Don Freeman, too. He was quite an artist. 

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