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Monday, September 21, 2015

Pete The Cat

Pete the Cat is soooo much fun!

I'm rocking in my school shoes, rocking in my school shoes,
I'm rocking in my school shoes!

How do you get that song out of your head?
You don't!

And do we cry?
Goodness, no....because

it's all good!

It is all good fun!!
We read. We do math. We write our own 

I'm _______ in my ____________shoes.

It's fun to hear the kids as they read (and giggle) their paper.

And last, they write opinions about 
whether they like Pete the Cat, or not.
I always have a couple who voice their opinion with the NOT. 

(The rest of us accept their opinion, 
because that's the point of opinion!)

Then we do art and make our own PETE!!  
Everyone has fun with that. 

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